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  • I would love to get more information about this film and the release date. I am a mom of an amazing, dyslexic son and we are starting a community education series here in Orlando, FL about all aspects of dyslexia. I would love to find out if screening it here would be an option for our community. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. Sincerely, Jen Knopf
  • My name is Cathie York and I am the mom of ten year beautiful boy who has Dyslexia, ADHD and is considered Atypical Autistic. To say the last ten years has been tiring is a gross understatement. Between all the testing, scores, evaluations, IEP Meetings, meetings about meetings, specialists, sleepless nights, paperwork, emails, phone calls, insurance, co-pays, teachers, Doctors, diagnosis, medication, no medication, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, divorce, foreclosure and plenty of tears one only thing other than coffee kept me going when I wanted to just drop. The belief down to my very core that my son was more than just a diagnosis or IEP, he is Clinton, my son and he has so much to offer this world and I will always fight for his right to learn the unique way he learns. There is no doubt that if you’ve read this far you have been where I am or know someone who has. My hope for my child, your child and all children is that they never feel something is “wrong” with them or that they are less than. That being said the world we will live in today is very uncertain and being different or learning different is harder and scarier than it should be. Navigating all that comes with having a child of different abilities is also harder and scarier than it should be. It is not my goal to fix a broken education system, but it is my hope that I can help provide resources, support, knowledge and comfort for those who are struggling and feel alone or overwhelmed.  I look forward to this journey and I hope you will join us! Cathie & Clinton
  • I am so thankful for this movie to raise awareness of dyslexia as both of my children are dyslexic and we are struggling with the school district for help each and every day! I have tried to fight with advocates and attorneys and I have yet to get the help for both of my children. I am now hiring a tutor to help them. The struggle with the schools is real, our district says they offer an IEP for students but then stuck them all on one General Education program, not individualized to meet their needs as dyslexics. I wish I could inform the state of CA what this school is doing but I have no idea where to start and once you do that, you face repercussions against you for fighting for what's right for your child. Its just wrong! My husband is Al's dyslexic and he was diagnosed by NYS schools over 30 years ago, he was lucky to have such an amazing support team and he is able to read and write. My children struggle each and every day and it affects their social/emotional wellbeing and no one cares! Its political and all about money and how they can save, not spend on these kids who need the help!  I hope this movie changes the eyes of many people and I will be sharing this movie with others. Thank you! - April Austin

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